Emergency Management for the Digital Age

Here at Clever Coding we pride ourselves in being honest, transparent and ethical. We care about people. We always strive to provide a product that will not only help our customers…but help their customers as well. That’s the reason we are so excited about introducing the Emergency Ready App.

As a Health and Safety Technical Professional in my previous profession I know firsthand the importance of quality safety and risk mitigation plans.

Information and communication are powerful tools. With the uncertainty of the world today and natural disasters occurring on what seems like a regular basis, we realized that when it comes to emergencies, information is not only powerful…but critical. That’s where the Emergency Ready App comes in.

In the unfortunate event of an emergency you may not have time to look up your local emergency management information on a computer. You need the ability to be mobile and find a safe place to get the emergency information you desperately need. The Emergency Ready App allows Emergency Management Directors to consolidate all of their vital information into a simple to use mobile app.

Through extensive research we found that most Emergency Management Teams do a wonderful job. They have Emergency Response Plans, local emergency contacts, emergency preparedness tools and much more. What we also found was that much of this information was spread across several websites that sometimes-made navigating to your intended destination difficult. Not exactly optimal during an emergency event, right?

We knew there must be a better way. We built the Emergency Ready App so it could be customized with all of an area’s emergency management information. This includes local emergency contacts, local real time emergency information, links to local traffic conditions, links to local weather updates, prebuilt emergency kit checklists, family emergency plan customization options and so much more.

We feel so thankful to be offering a product that can truly add value to communities and potentially save lives. What better investment.


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The Emergency Ready App is a product of Clever Coding LLC. Clever Coding has been creating mobile and web apps since 2008 for clients around the world. Please contact us today to learn more about a custom branded version of the Emergency Ready App or any other custom app development needs.
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