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Emergency kits – should you be prepared?

Up until the Covid-19 pandemic, most Americans had never been embroiled in a widespread emergency. That has now changed. You may have witnessed store shelves picked clean of toilet paper and bottled water or people fighting over the last pack of batteries. To put it lightly, it’s a disturbing sight.

Now that we know that things can get crazy in a hurry…why not get prepared?

Easier said than done right? Being proactive and prepared does not come natural for most Americans. We live very comfortable lives with the average American throwing away a surplus of food every day and enjoying climate-controlled homes. Until you have been exposed to how quickly emergencies can change your comfy lifestyle, your likely to continue your unprepared and potentially dangerous way of life.

I realize that calling being unprepared for an emergency “living dangerously” may sound a bit dramatic, but I truly mean it. Many of our basic life needs are much less secure than most people think. We have witnessed how fragile our infrastructure can become in a very short period of time.

So should we be scared? No…. we should be prepared. The Emergency Ready App can help you prepare and organize your emergency kits for almost every situation.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your specific situation. Everyone is different and has different needs. An emergency kit for a young single adult will look very different from an individual with a young family or an older couple with special heath care needs.

The second thing you need to consider is what type of emergency are you likely to expect? Where do you live? What type of natural disasters are most likely?

Sound daunting? It shouldn’t. The Emergency Ready App is a great tool to help you inventory and track your custom emergency kits. Check out the illustration below that depicts just some of the kits on the app that may apply to you and your family.


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